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An Adult Party Club providing Erotic fun for swinging couples, single guys, single girls.

Swingers sex clubs are now more commonly accepted in the UK,with private adult parties becomming a way of life,Swinging London is on the boil, and with such a variety of themes available, from voyeurism, group sex, couples only parties, greedy girls parties, even bi females are demanding their own fun nights,

Live sex certainly adds some spice to dull sex lives,and England is following the lead of European countries where private sex parties, carpark sex, dogging etc, has been an acceptable way of life for decades,

Visiting a Swinger's Club for the First Time

A first visit to a swingers club - like any new experience can be daunting. Typical feelings include excitement, a fear of the unknown and worries about sexual adequacy or appearance.

These feelings are completely normal, we all experience them to some degree and even experienced swingers may experience these feelings when visitng a new club. The good news is: the swingers community is very friendly, forgiving and open.

The first step you'll need to take is deciding on the type of club you would like to visit. There are may different "specialty" clubs.

Locating A Club

There many methods available to finding the specific club you would like to visit. The best method is a recommendation from friends, but if you don't know any swingers, and that is one reason you would like to visit a club!

The simplest way to locate a club in your area is via the internet.

Once you have decided on a club, visit their website if they have one, and take a look around, most sites at a minimum list their hours, special events and contact information use search engines to access online reviews from various websites.

Make use of the contact information provided. Contact the club management to verify the hours, events, membership and door fees, etc.

The Big Moment

What should you wear?

The answer to this depends on several factors. In general, wear what you would wear on a first date to a night club. No excessively baggy or torn jeans, no tee-shirts, leave your baseball cap at home. Ladies, this is your chance to break out that super-sexy little black dress and sexy new shoes you've been wanting to wear!

If the club is having a special event that night, consider taking part! Most special events involve a theme ranging from toga parties, to wet tee-shirt contests, to hot schoolgirl night. These are great ice-brakers.

Many people bring a change of "play clothes" that they change into when the mood hits.

What should we bring?

Most clubs are BYOB, so be sure to bring your favorite Alcoholic Beverage. In general your hosts will provide you with finger foods, soft drinks and snacks,from refreshment Bars usually at reasonable prices.

Some clubs provide lockers for your personal belongings, or locked cloakroom areas.

What should we say?

Remember, the people you meet at this club will likely surprise you by how open and friendly they are. so say "Hello!".

People have many approaches to starting a conversation in a club, preferred methods are to shake hands and introduce yourself and your partner. People may walk up to you and say anything from "Hi, to a a more detailed exchange - eg. what are you looking for ?'

What you say isn't nearly as important as how you say it, and your body language when you say it!

Smile! If you want someone to approach you, look friendly and like you are having fun.

What should we do?

The short answer to this is: whatever you and your partner are comfortable with.

Chances are, on your first visit to a club, you will feel somewhat intimidated. When you visit the first time, spend time asking questions about etiquette, rules, and who is who. If you decide to play, be sure you stay within your rules, and have fun!

Typically when you visit a club for the first time, the club management will have either a staff member or a trusted club member show you around. This is a great opportunity to find out about the rules of that particular club, what the etiquette of the rooms is, who you should get in touch with regarding any questions or concerns you may have and where to go.


Visiting a swingers club is a wonderful way to spice up a relationship - even if you only play with your partner.

Approach it with a non-judgemental attitude and no expectations and you will have a great time.

If you make the effort to be presentable, open, friendly and happy, you will make great, lifelong friends, and that makes the visit worthwhile in itself.

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Admission Contributions as of January 2010

Membership is Compulsory for All Events

Please go to our Membership Pages for Application Information

Couples Single Females or Single Guy's, Simply complete our online forms

on receipt of our reply attend when you wish

All location info is sent to you on completion of the form

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Ourplace4fun where Our Members are More than just a Number

Ourplace4fun The Innovators of No Pressure Sensually Controlled Fun

Tuesday Evening's its

10pm until 3am

Tuesday Evenings are "Now" The Butterfly Club, a Night for Our Special Ladies who enjoy multi guy fun for their own pleasures, a permanently dedicated club evening of decadence

The Butterfly Club Single Guys,35.00 per visit

Couples and Ladies Members are FREE if its your first visit and your not already an OP4FUN Member (20.00)

Existing Ourplace4fun Members get "Free Entry"

Butterfly Club info click here

NOTE: The Butterfly Club is not a  - pay for !   - Gangbang party  - pay for !   - Sex party,

It is simply an event whereby attending couples and females may be interested in multi guy sexual fun of their choosing,

those couples ladies also may freely interact without involving anyone.

Standard Application Conditions Apply

New Member Couples Contributions: 20.00 (per couple) payable on First visit

includes: Lifetime Membership of all Ourplace4fun Events and your Entry on the Night

Registered Members Door Contribution Couple's:

Thereafter as Full Couple Member's:

"FREE ADMISSION" for Couples and Ladies on their own * conditions apply



Friday's.................10pm until 5am.....Mixed Event
Bring your own Alcohol

Ourplace4fun Member Girls attending on their own are Free ,

Ourplace4fun Member Couples , - £20.00

New Member Couples Contributions: 40.00 (per couple) payable on First visit

includes: Lifetime Membership of all Ourplace4fun Events and your Entry on the Night

Registered Members Door Contribution Couple's:

Thereafter as Full Couple Member's:£20.00 per couple

Ourplace4fun Member Guys, - £30.00

SATURDAY's................. 10pm til 5am.....Mixed Event

Mixed Nights Well behaved guys, gals, and couples are all welcome

Ourplace4fun Member Girls,..... Free ,

Ourplace4fun Member Couples,- £30.00


Ourplace4fun Single Guys

Single Guys need to Book to attend on Saturdays ,£- 70.00






NEW Members always very Welcome

The SEXIEST Parties are always at the Best Swingers Venue in London


Taxi service available all night
Bring your own alcohol.

New Members Welcome

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We offer a discreet Car service available 24 hours to Tourists Visitors or anyone requiring services

Pre booked pick up from any Hotel and return

Airports etc, we are able to offer discounted prices from our CAR SERVICE PROVIDER

The services are Reliable, very competitive and the drivers and vehicles are of high standards.

Call lisa for info 07906903262 after mid day or email us for info



Couples and Ladies Only

** Strictly NO single males are allowed on Couples only Night's **

Entry Costs NEW MEMBERS First visit - £40.00 including Membership
If you are already an Ourplace4fun Member its just - £30.00 per couple

Bring your own alcohol - NO CHEWING GUM

Cum join the fun at Ourplace4fun - Simply the best Swingers Club in London

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Cum join the fun at Ourplace4fun - Simply the best Swingers Club in London

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** Strictly NO single males are allowed on Couples only Night's **